Video: Experts Talk Media That Matters

The Center for Media & Social Impact‘s 10th Media That Matters conference brought over a dozen expert media-makers to the stage, sparking a series of conversations about the elements that go into creating a meaningful digital experience. Panelists shared their expertise in campaign creation, sound design, festival planning, game development, and interactivity, some of which I highlighted in 5 Tips for Storytellers. Now you can hear more of what they had to say by watching our conference videos.

The conference was my most ambitious video challenge yet in terms of sheer amount of footage. I had nearly six hours of material to sort through and boil down into a series of three- to five-minute videos. By far the longest part of the editing process was watching all the footage and pulling out the parts that were (1) most engaging, and (2) able to retain their meanings once isolated from surrounding remarks.

I recall Dawn Porter saying in our interview with her last fall that her team went through 600 hours of footage for Gideon’s Army. Having worked with a mere hundredth of that amount, I have gained a new respect for feature-length video editors, as well as an appreciation for the importance of logging your clips.

Once I’d pulled out all the pieces I wanted to use, the fun part began: grouping the clips into separate videos by theme and then rearranging them into a coherent narrative. I also designed the opener, found the music, and adjusted the audio. The end result was ten short videos totaling around 40 minutes all together.

Here are three that I think are particularly interesting.

Radio Matters: How Sound Carries a Story
PRX Remix’s Erika Lantz, Transom Story Workshop’s Rob Rosenthal, Metro Connection’s Rebecca Sheir, and American University’s Russell Williams discuss the importance of sound in storytelling.

Digital Games: The Power of Diversity
Lindsay Grace from American University, Kunal Gupta of Babycastles and the Silent Barn, Colleen Macklin from Parsons The New School for Design, and Meghan Ventura of Games For Change discuss the need for and benefits of diversity in gamemaking.

Image Matters: Challenges for App Designers
Daniel Burwen of Cognito Comics, Greg Pak of Pak Man Productions, and Melissa Valeri from Common Cause discuss the current and future state of apps as a storytelling medium.

Check out our Media That Matters 2014 playlist to see the rest of the videos. You can also read my previous posts on Media That Matters – and keep an eye out for next year’s conference!


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