Report: Media Freedom and Safety in Nepal

The best course projects allow you to choose a topic you actually care about.

This summer, I was asked to write a report on a communication policy issue in any country. I took the opportunity to delve into Nepal’s troubled media scene, hoping to identify policy changes that could help protect Nepali journalists in the future. This is what I found.

Media Freedom and Safety in Nepal: Executive Summary

This report was compiled in response to continued attacks on journalists in Nepal. The purpose of the report is to investigate the status of media protections in Nepal, with specific regard to the most recent draft of a Media Policy released by the Nepali government in 2012.

The report reviews a number of policy recommendations made by international experts. Major concerns raised by experts include needs for greater involvement of key players in policy development, specific Internet policy and protections, an independent regulatory body for broadcasting, and a more effective mechanism for addressing and preventing attacks on the media.

After analyzing the 2012 Media Policy proposal, this report finds a number of additional problems. These include the use of vague language that allows for politically motivated interpretation, the provision of advantages for privileged content over other types of content, the lack of intellectual property protections for print and broadcast media, and the lack of detailed information on the implementation or achievement of certain stated objectives. Finally, the report makes recommendations to address each of these issues.

Click here to read the full report. *

* Note: The report states that it was commissioned by the Committee to Protect Journalists. This is a fictional statement included as per the requirements of the assignment. The report is in no way affiliated with CPJ. 

[Cover photo on home page by Jessica Tirado, The Advocacy Project / Flickr]


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