Video: Yes on H8

Today 37 American states and the federal government have legalized marriage equality. The Supreme Court is in the midst of a case that could bring marriage equality to the entire nation. Just seven years ago, none of this seemed very likely – thanks in part to the powerfully misleading Yes on 8 campaign.

Proposition 8 was the ballot proposition that reversed six months of marriage equality in California in 2008. It passed with a whopping 52% approval rate, a victory most credit to ads and rhetoric by anti-equality organizations claiming that legalizing same-sex marriage would, among other things:

  • confuse children
  • destroy heterosexual marriages
  • sabotage elementary school curricula
  • authorize polygamy and bestiality
  • doom America, and/or
  • lead to the extinction of mankind.

In the same set of 2013 rulings that amended DOMA to recognize LGBTQ marriages, the Supreme Court struck down Prop 8 once and for all. But the spurious claims of the Yes on 8 campaign linger.

Personally, we all have the right to believe what we believe and support what we support. But legally, we have a duty to respect and acknowledge each other as equals. Misinformation benefits no one. And so without further adieu, I present Yes on H8, 2015 winner of the American University Visions Award for Video Mashup.


What do you think?

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